Anakin enters EA Star Wars Battlefront 2

Jeremy Milliner


Who’s got two thumbs and is on the council but not granted the rank of master? This guy! (Also, one of the thumbs is robotic.) Fans of EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 have been waiting for this day for almost a year, and the wait is finally over: Anakin Skywalker has been added to the roster of playable heroes (yes, he’s on the good guys’ side) in-game, along with a variety of new clone skins.

Unlock Anakin EA Star Wars Battlefront 2
Like Obi-Wan, Grievous, and Dooku, The Chosen One can be unlocked with 35,000 credits

Following Dooku’s release about a month ago, Anakin is the final hero we’ll be getting in the game – at least for a while – topping off the 20-character lineup with perhaps the strongest addition yet. Here are the details:

EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 Collection, all heroes unlocked
Here’s the complete roster unlocked

Anakin’s Battlefront 2 abilities

Anakin is the only hero so far to be given four abilities instead of the usual three: Passionate Strike, Pull Dominance, Heroic Might, and Retribution. The Retribution ability is activated by pressing ‘2’ (‘Y’ or ‘Triangle’ on the controller) and can only be used in certain circumstances, so it’s not like Anakin’s running around with more powers than everybody else. Still, he’s one of the higher-tier heroes for sure. Here’s an in-depth look at his abilities:

Anakin Skywalker abilities EA Star Wars Battlefront 2
Anakin’s abilities, as described by EA and DICE

Passionate Strike

The most straightforward of his moves, Passionate Strike is the mighty hit we’ve seen Anakin perform during his fights with Dooku, and later with Obi-Wan. The move is a highly damaging block breaker that can deal ridiculous damage to Enforcer units or enemy heroes.

Anakin Passionate Strike
Deal high damage and break enemy blocks with Passionate Stike

It’s especially useful in Heroes vs. Villains when you’re going toe-to-toe with another lightsaber-wielder.

Pull Dominance

For fans of Kylo Ren, this move will look very familiar. Similar to Kylo’s Pull ability, Pull Dominance is a wide conical AoE that yanks targets towards Anakin.

Anakin Pull Dominance
Pull Dominance is similar to Kylo Ren’s Pull

Useful for closing the distance, stunning enemy heroes, and throwing people into nasty traps and pitfalls, this is a situational move at the best of times, and a multi-opponent stun at the very least. Careful, though; lightsaber-wielders can block this.

Heroic Might

Heroic Might is most similar to Luke’s Repulse. It’s a wide AoE that puts Anakin at the center of a big crowd-clearing knock-back effect that deals high damage. The difference is that while Luke’s Repulse is a quick ground-pound, Anakin’s starts with a slow, dramatic animation that looks cool but leaves you very exposed.

Anakin Skywalker Heroic Might
It’s a force repulse … but cooler.

The good news, though, is that while that animation plays out, Anakin receives a huge defensive buff that lasts as long as the ability charges. The strength and range of the final AoE effect are amplified by how much damage Anakin takes while charging.


Anakin Skywalker Retribution charging
Retribution charges as you and your close teammates take damage

Our favorite ability, we think Retribution is the move most appropriate for Anakin’s character. As Anakin and his nearby teammates take damage, this fourth ability begins to charge up. You can see the icon on his HUD slowly filling up, eventually flashing red when it’s ready. The accompanying number indicates how many enemies will be affected by the power when you use it. Our advice? Go for broke – try and squeeze in as many foes as you can.

Anakin Skywalker Retribution activate
You don’t want to be caught in this blast – trust us.

When you unleash the ability, Anakin freezes everybody nearby, lifting them into the air and choking them, eventually dishing out a powerful repulse similar to Heroic Might, but more deadly and with a longer fuse.

Anakin appearances

Anakin appearances EA Star Wars Battlefront 2
Left: Default; Right: Robed

Additionally, Anakin comes with two appearances: His default appearance from his Mustafar fight with Obi-Wan, and another where he’s sporting a Jedi robe (we wish the hood was up!). The robed appearance is an Epic costume and costs 40,000 credits (or 1,000 crystals).

Anakin emotes and victory poses


Fans of the Clone Wars animated series will be excited to learn that Matt Lanter has returned to reprise his role of Anakin Skywalker for Battlefront 2. This 10-year veteran expertly captures the ambitious spirit and brash eagerness of the Chosen One, and adds his characteristic prideful confidence with a number of familiar lines.

Matt Lanter
Bless this man

Fun: “This is where the fun begins”
Diplomatic: “You call this a diplomatic solution?”
Grumpy Master: “Obi-Wan’s gonna kill me …”
Wise Jedi: “A very wise Jedi once said ‘nothing happens by accident.'”

Victory poses

Anakin Victory pose I Am Ready Anakin Victory pose OnwardAnakin Victory pose I'll Take You Now Anakin Victory pose Brace

Anakin’s Star Cards

Anakin comes with the usual 9 star cards, unlocked at levels 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20. They are as follows:

Anakin Skywalker Star Cards
Anakin’s Star Cards bolster his abilities and play to his aggressive style

Tenacious (2): Anakin Skywalker has increased health
Massive Strikes (2): Anakin Skywalker deals more damage with his lightsaber attacks
Pressure (5): Passionate Strike deals more damage
Control the force (5): The base radius of Heroic Might is larger
Reprisal (10): Anakin Skywalker receives 20 health per kill, more for villains
Fierce Fighter (15): The cooldown of Passionate Strike is reduced
Attraction (15): Pull Dominance has a greater range
Raw Strength (20): Heroic Might deals more base damage
All of them (20): Pull dominance deals 50 more damage if a minimum number of targets are affected

More Chosen One updates

The Chosen One update also added new clone skins, most notably the iconic blue-streaked 501st legion that accompanied Anakin when he stormed the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in the infamous “Revenge of the Sith” scene.

Battlefront 2 501st Legion Assault skin
Fans of the 2005 Battlefront 2 will remember this skin well

Another niche (but awesome) addition is that Yoda can now block Dooku’s lighting with his block ability. Unleash can then be triggered to fling the lightning back at him, just like in “Attack of the Clones.” Note that this ability still only works against Dooku – as of right now Yoda cannot absorb or re-channel Palpatine’s lighting.

Battlefront 2 Yoda Dooku lightning
Yoda can now absorb and redirect Dooku’s lightning.

February has been a big month for Battlefront 2 fans, and DICE is not done yet. With more updates on the way as well as the hugely-anticipated Capital Ship mode, be sure to stay tuned for details as they come in. In the meantime, get Anakin today and we’ll see you on the battlefront!

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