Count Dooku joins EA Star Wars Battlefront 2

Jeremy Milliner


Arm yourself with a curved lightsaber and put on your best Christopher Lee impression as you boot up EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 this week! The infamous Count Dooku is now a playable villain you can unlock and use to dominate the battle. The Count comes with entirely new combat animations, abilities, emotes, and victory poses (though some of the Star Cards are duplicates of other heroes) and is in the game as of January 23.

How much is Count Dooku?

Like all the new heroes and villains (such as the recent General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi) Count Dooku can be purchased with 35,000 in-game credits.

It's especially fun to do on Geonosis!
Drop 35,000 credits and you can roam the battles as Darth Tyrannus!

Credits are earned by simply playing online matches, and can be boosted by opening daily crates (500 credits a pop), completing daily challenges, and attaining milestones.

What are his abilities?

Count Dooku comes with three unique abilities, each of which can be further upgraded with Star Cards, which are unlocked and improved as you reach higher levels with the character.

Not so great against a ton of guys, though.
Dooku’s three abilities make him especially good at 1v1.

The abilities are Lightning Stun, Duelist, and Expose Weakness:

Lightning Stun

This ability is a quick burst of Sith lightning in a small conical arc in front of Dooku. The amount of damage the lightning does bears refreshingly no impact from equipping different star cards. Rather the ability does more damage the fewer targets are caught in the blast radius.

Twice the pride, double the fall.
Lightning Stun will deal more damage to fewer targets.

This makes it equally useful against small clusters of troops or against a single enemy hero. Lightning Stun also knocks enemies off their feet, leaving them helpless as Dooku finishes them off with his blade.


Darth Tyrannus was famed for being a master swordsman, and this is highlighted by his Duelist ability. When active, Dooku will strike faster and his hits will deal more damage (more still with certain star cards equipped). This is particularly useful against Enforcers since they have extra health and Aerial units since they can evade before you can land too many successive hits. However, the ability really shines when you’re sparring one on one against an enemy Jedi.

If only he watched his left wrist.
Dooku is a master duelist – more than capable of dispatching harder foes.

While it does not break their block, the speed with which Dooku attacks is difficult to maneuver against, and the added damage reduces the effectiveness of their block.

Expose Weakness

In line with Dooku’s role as a strategist comes his knack for analyzing flaws in an opponent’s attack pattern – the chink in the armor. This ability debuffs one target with slower movement as well as increasing the amount of damage they receive from all sources, including from himself.

Now we're just waiting to paint Jar Jar with it.
Expose Weakness helps your teammates deal extra damage to a target.

Expose Weakness is particularly useful in Galactic Assault matches when leading a small team, or in Heroes vs. Villains matches when you can afflict the enemy target. If you are able to eliminate the opponent you debuff with Expose Weakness, the ability is recharged, immediately available to be used again.

Count Dooku’s victory poses and emotes

Like all the other heroes and villains, Dooku comes with four emotes and four victory poses. Each is available for 2,000 credits or 50 crystals.His victory poses are:

And he is. Unless you've got lots of guns.
‘I am superior’
You should reconsider fighting this guy. He's tough!
‘You should reconsider’
Dooku finds you a pitiful opponent.
Dooku deems you unworthy of his skill.
‘Not worth the effort’

And his emotes:

Foolish: “Brave, but foolish.”

Looking forward: “I’ve been looking forward to this!”

Powerful: “I’ve become more powerful than any jedi.”

Control: “The Sith control everything!”

What game mode is Dooku in?

Count Dooku can be played in Galactic Assault, Heroes vs Villains, and Hero Showdown. In Galactic Assault, he is available at 4,500 battle points during clone matches, and for 6,000 any other era.

Duke it out across three eras of Star Wars!
Dooku joins the roster of other infamous Star Wars villains

If you’re planning to choose him, best of luck; he’s still brand new, so everyone wants to give him a try!

What’s coming next?

Dooku will be receiving a new Dark Ritual appearance on January 30, and fans of the Clone Wars series will be especially excited to see it – it comes from The Lost Missions season of the animated series. He’ll also be getting one more costume in February.

We're especially excited for 501st skins!
Here’s what you can expect in the coming month.

February will be an especially big month for Battlefront fans since we’ll be getting Anakin Skywalker, new Coruscant Guard and 501st Legion skins for clone troopers, and a new capital ship game mode. Stay tuned for more updates, and we’ll see you on the Battlefront!

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